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Sam Lockhart, after being in the industry for many years, was the driving force in the founding of United Dynamics, Inc. in May of 1989. Through the years, Sam has set the bar high with customer satisfaction being the most important part of our daily goals. Our employees’ morale and security are next in line after our customer’s satisfaction, then ownership is considered. We believe as a company that if we work well as a team, we can all prosper and our families can grow financially secure in the long term. By building United Dynamics our own way, we will continue to have happy clients who will refer us to others. We will also have experienced employees who know how to properly install our systems and treat our customers. Sam believes that when it comes to our customers and our employees, we try to always do what is right. Sam and his wife Carol have three children and five grandchildren whom they love very much, and they enjoy attending their grandchildren’s many activities.