Sidewalk Repair for New Albany

When it comes to concrete repair, sidewalks are something that should always be given prompt attention when issues arise. A crumbling, cracked, or otherwise broken sidewalk can be impossible to safely navigate, especially with something like a bicycle or a stroller. If someone injures themselves on your sidewalk, you could be liable for their injury. So don’t wait—if the sidewalks on your property need attention, call the concrete professionals at United Dynamics for sidewalk repair that will restore the clean look and safety of your walkways. 

Who is responsible for sidewalk repair?

While the finer points vary between different municipalities, in general, you can expect that private sidewalks are definitely the responsibility of their private owners. When it comes to sidewalks that are considered public, there is more of a grey area. Many local laws require sidewalk repairs to be the responsibility of adjacent homeowners even for public sidewalks. We recommend contacting your municipal government in order to learn the specifics for where you live. 

Sidewalk repair options

Most often when it comes to sidewalk repair, we will end up recommending a concrete leveling solution called pressure grouting. This reliable method for concrete repair is perfect for sidewalks because it is low-impact and the polyfoam material we inject beneath the sidewalk cures so quickly you can use your sidewalk in as little as 15 minutes. You don’t have to worry about the mess and inconvenience of having the sidewalk ripped out and entirely replaced - just call UDI for concrete leveling for your sidewalk. If for some reason we don’t believe pressure grouting is the best solution, we will discuss with you the other concrete repair options that could be more suitable. You can trust we will come to a solution that fits your needs and your budget.