Concrete Driveway Repair from United Dynamics Foundation Solutions

Don’t let an ugly driveway ruin your home’s curb appeal. Restore the smooth surface with concrete driveway repair from the experts you can trust in Louisville, Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky. We have the expertise to know what causes concrete driveways to buckle in and can solve the problems at their roots, rather than just masking the problem by sealing up the cracks. Call us today for your no obligation estimate.

What causes driveways to crack and sink?

Just as with your home’s foundation, the cause of concrete driveways in Louisville sinking and cracking is the shifting of soils beneath the concrete pad. The soils in Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky also are generally a “fine-textured residuum of cherty limestone” that shift through periods of cold weather, drought, or oversaturation. The fact that thousands of pounds worth of vehicles are regularly rolling over and parking on the driveway only compounds the issue of the shifting soil. Over time, voids are created beneath the concrete and it falls into the voids, creating fissures and other problems in your driveway. 

Concrete leveling fill method.

How to seal driveway cracks

If your concrete driveway only has small cracks, you can find a temporary DIY solution to repair your concrete driveway in Louisville. You can get concrete caulk to fill a small crack or hole and temporarily prevent it from spreading. If the weather isn’t good for more extensive concrete work, this is a decent option to prevent additional frost heave or expansion of the crack. However, you will still want to have a professional come assess your driveway once you’ve noticed cracks that need to be filled. It is always better to find a permanent solution than waste money redoing temporary ones. 

Methods for Concrete Driveway Repair

Don’t keep searching “driveway repair near me,” just call United Dynamics for a no obligation estimate and our Louisville concrete driveway repair experts will assess your driveway and recommend the repair solutions that will be best.


Mudjacking is not the most modern solution to concrete repair. Large holes are drilled into the slab and a concrete mixture is poured beneath it to gradually fill the voids that have formed. It’s a messy, heavy process that takes days to cure - meaning your driveway is unusable for that time. What’s worse is this solution is fairly short-term, it does not solve the problem of the shifting soil beneath the heavy concrete. 

Concrete Replacement

Concrete replacement should really only be done as a last resort. The existing concrete would need to be completely ripped out. If you opted for a partial replacement, you’ll have mismatched concrete surfaces and again the root cause of the damage has not been addressed. 

Concrete Leveling with Pressure Foaming

At United Dynamics our preferred method of driveway repair is pressure foaming. This reliable method of concrete leveling drills small, strategic holes into specified areas of the concrete and then a polyfoam material is pumped in. This unique blend expands to fill the open spaces beneath the concrete and lifts the slab back into place. The formula of the polyfoam fully supports the slab and therefore secures it from sinking again. Contact United Dynamics for concrete driveway repair in the Louisville area.