Foundation Solutions for Life
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Over the years, United Dynamics has developed an efficient process that allows our foundation specialists in Louisville and beyond to quickly tackle any residential or commercial foundation repair job with finesse. Our core desire is to build strong and durable structures that protect our customers from harm. When you work with our Louisville based foundation specialists and structural repair contractors, you can expect us to:

  • Properly prep for the job by having utilities marked, making repairs, removing necessary vegetation, and laying tarps to minimize messes and move the job along more efficiently
  • Dig holes around the foundation
  • Lift the foundation using steel piers
  • Fill in any holes that were dug
  • Clean the area thoroughly

Representatives You Can Count On

When providing services in Louisville and beyond, our structural repair contractors make it a goal to keep you informed every step of the way. With our Guardian Customer Protection Program, we guarantee to have your back. Our meticulous project planning and execution helps preserve your yard and landscaping. Our Louisville based foundation specialists focus on providing foundation solutions for life, so contact us for your no-obligation estimate today.