Resistance Piers

With over 30 years of foundation lifting and repair work in Louisville, we’ve come to the conclusion that there is simply no better way to permanently stabilize your foundation than the installation of our steel resistance piers. Our resistance piers not only stabilize your foundation but often can push your home back to its original position. Resistance piers and helical piers in Louisville are installed deep into the soil near bedrock, making them impervious to soil movement. Resistance piers are used to transfer the weight of your foundation to load-bearing bedrock or strata for support. They support the weight of the failing foundation and give you the opportunity to push your foundation back into place using hydraulics. 


Installation of Resistance Piers

To install a resistance pier, our Louisville team will first excavate down to the area of the foundation that has settled. Once the area around the foundation has been excavated, we then mount our foundation bracket onto the footer of the house. After the bracket has been mounted, we are then able to drive 4’ inch steel pipe through the bracket deep into the ground using hydraulics. This is done until the pipe reaches bedrock or when the bracket pushes up on the house causing lift. At this point the foundation of the house is resting on the stable pier and not on the shifting soil. After our Louisville team installs the resistance piers and the foundation is stabilized, the soil is then back-filled. Leaving the entire system hidden from view while your home is permanently stabilized in its new position. If you are looking for a foundation lift, let our Louisville team quote resistance piers for your home. For more information about our Titan resistance piers, feel free to check out their website,

For a video walk through of the process, click the link here,

Advantages of Resistance Piers

Here at United Dynamics, we have found that there are many distinct advantages to the installation of steel resistance piers as a foundation repair solution in Kentucky and Indiana. Some of those advantages include: 


  •  Remarkable load-bearing capacity- the incredible strength of steel and the depth resistance piers can reach into the bedrock lends them an unmatched ability to support the full weight of your home. 
  • Installation flexibility- resistance piers can be installed either on the inside or outside of a structure depending upon the particular needs of any given situation. 
  • Clean installation- we can install steel piers without destroying landscaping, since we only need to excavate a minimal amount of dirt as compared to other methods of foundation repair. Our crews work tirelessly to keep landscaping unharmed and to make it look as if no excavation had been done in the first place.
  • Solid as a rock- steel resistance piers are load tested with every installation which leaves no question if you will be getting an effective and reliable foundation repair solution.