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Modern construction relies on a strong concrete foundation, and for good reason. In its solid form, concrete can last a very long time and provide years of support and protection. However, there are a number of catalysts that can weaken the concrete structure and lead to problems like cracking or sinking. These catalysts include:

  • Cold weather
  • Settling
  • Time

Symptoms of concrete issues are generally easy to spot. Typical signs include sloping concrete slabs or patios, uneven sidewalks, or cracked concrete slabs. If you notice any of these symptoms at your house, concrete repair may be necessary.

What Causes Concrete to Sink or Crack?

Water erosion or unsupportive soil underneath the concrete slab are the main causes of concrete issues. Heavy rainfall or plumbing leaks can cause water formation underneath your concrete slab, which disrupts the strength of the soil and can weaken it over time. Weakened soil causes uneven support distribution for the slab, causing the concrete to sink or crack.

Strong and Reliable Solutions

Pressure grouting is a reliable method for fixing concrete issues, where holes are strategically drilled in certain areas of the concrete and filled with grout, or poly foam material. The material fills the open spaces underneath the concrete, causing even pressure to lift the concrete back into its original position, providing support.

Helical piers are also used along with pressure grouting to provide extra support. These piers drive through the weakened soil until load bearing is achieved, then our team adjusts a bolt to lift the concrete floor back to its original position.

A Team You Can Count On

It’s up to your home’s structure to provide security for your family, and our staff is here to ensure your concrete slabs are strong and durable. We’ve diagnosed and restored thousands of homes, and it’s our primary goal to keep you and your family safe.

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