Foundation Solutions for Life
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Our skilled, Louisville based foundation specialists and staff members are experienced in an array of foundation  applications to ensure your home or business stands strong. Whether you notice a small leak in your basement or fear your foundation has significant damage, no job is too big or small. Our service areas include:

Foundation Settlement Solutions

Foundation settlement solutions involve distributing structural weight securely by enforcing or creating new structural support systems. If you believe you may have a problem with your foundation, contact our foundation specialists in Louisville as soon as possible.

Bowing Wall Solutions

Bowing walls are an indicator of shifting soil, poor construction practices or foundation issues.  Bowing wall solutions prevent foundation collapse by reinforcing your walls.

Wet Basement Solutions

A wet basement can lead to costly repairs. If you live in Louisville, wet basement repairs can mean installing an interior drainage system or repairing a wall crack. Our experts can determine the right solution for your basement.

Slab Settlement Solutions

Our foundation specialists in Louisville offer slab settlement solutions to homeowners throughout the community. Slab settlement solutions work to raise your concrete as close as possible to the original elevation, making your sidewalk, driveway or large concrete slab safe and even.

Commercial Work

United Dynamics does commercial work for businesses need concrete repair and foundation repair services.