Foundation Crack Repair - Causes and Symptoms of Foundation Damage

You don’t get to restore more than 17,000 home foundations without learning a thing or two about what caused the foundation problems to begin with. At United Dynamics, we believe in going the extra mile to make sure homeowners are informed and protected so that they can more quickly spot the signs of damage and get a Louisville foundation crack repair if necessary. 

What are the signs of foundation damage?

The fact that a home can undergo a significant amount of foundation damage without collapsing is something of a double-edged sword - on the one hand it means the structure remains safe for longer, but it also means damage can be taking place right beneath your nose without you having any idea. Luckily there are signs you can look for that will let you know you need a Louisville free foundation inspection to determine if your home needs attention.

10 common symptoms of foundation problems

  • Torn or tearing caulking at windows or doors
  • A leaning garage
  • Tilted or leaning chimneys
  • Gaps between wall baseboard and floors
  • Significant cracks in masonry mortar joints
  • Drywall separating
  • Walls that bow, bulge, or lean
  • Cracking bricks or walls
  • A leaking roof or basement
  • Sticking doors and windows

By knowing what to look for and periodically checking around your home for the above symptoms, you put yourself in a good position to catch foundation problems early before they can become more significant and dangerous. 

Causes of foundation problems

Almost all foundation issues faced by Americans can be traced back to poor soil conditions. Most homes are built on back-filled soil that is not remotely as strong as compacted, undisturbed soil. Coupled with the fact that most soil in the U.S. is some type of expansive soil, this leads to a lot of problems for your home’s foundation. Without capable support, your home undergoes differential settlement which causes structural damage that can lead to the need for a Louisville foundation crack repair.

Hydrostatic pressure and foundation cracks

Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure that is built up when expansive soil becomes too saturated with water. The water seeks to escape in any way it can, pressing itself against your foundation walls and eventually leading them to crack, leak, and buckle inward. This leaves your entire structure at risk. The issue can be compounded by the fact that once the soil dries out, it shrinks in volume considerably and then leaves the foundation walls unsupported. 

Contact us today for a free foundation inspection

Whatever is causing your foundation damage, call us today and we can perform a no-obligation foundation inspection to determine if your home needs a Louisville foundation crack repair.