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Most basements and crawlspaces in Kentucky and Southern Indiana are constructed with concrete blocks that are joined with mortar and also have brickwork on the exterior of the house. A horizontal block made of either concrete or steel, known as a lintel, is typically used for extra support above your doors and windows. Overtime, foundation issues can cause the support of these blocks and lintels to weaken, which can lead to cracked bricks on your home’s exterior. United Dynamics has diagnosed and repaired homes that are in the same situation as yours. Rely on our team of Louisville brick repair and lintel restoration contractors to get your home back to a strong and durable state in order to provide the safety and protection you rely on.


Symptoms to Look Out For

The first signs of issues are typically cracks in your bricks and cracks or sagging in your horizontal lintel supports. Overtime, any water leaks or foundation issues can cause your bricks to crack or the mortar to no longer keep them joined together. This could be a sign of larger foundation issues, which may need to be addressed before any brick or lintel repair takes place.

Cracks in a brick foundation show signs of foundation damage.

Structural Integrity You Can Count On

Once any foundation issues are sorted out, our team of Louisville brick repair and lintel restoration contractors will replace any cracked or broken bricks and join them with mortar to rebuild a safe and sturdy structure for you and your family. The horizontal lintels are vital for supporting the structure around your doors and windows, so any cracked or sagging lintels will be replaced as well. These repair methods will prevent your home from any potentially hazardous situations.

Our Promise to You

Quality mortar work not only increases your home’s aesthetic appeal, but it also improves its structural integrity. You can rely on our dedicated staff of Louisville brick repair and lintel restoration contractors who have diagnosed and restored thousands of homes. Our goal is to restore your home’s value and keep it strong and durable for generations to come.