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What Are Soil Nails? 

Your commercial structure needs to be built strong and durable in order to stand the test of time. During construction, soil nailing is a method of earth retention that provides extra support in the soil where your structure is being built. This method is typically used in areas where landslides or soil slope failure might be an issue.

Soil Nails are used for:

  • Supporting excavation sites
  • Stabilizing slopes in the soil
  • Stabilizing embankments
  • Repairing retaining walls
  • Preventing landslides and avalanches in high-risk areas

How Do Soil Nails Work?

Our Louisville soil nailing service provides more strength and stability to the soil by increasing the load capacity where your structure is being built. Soil nails are inserted into excavated soil at near horizontal angles and precise distances from one another. These nails are inserted in layers, and the layers of nails create a system that works together to stabilize the soil. This helps prevent any natural soil slopes that could potentially cause uneven support and hazardous situations for your building. Our Louisville retaining wall repair staff is able to deploy this method to create a stable, gravity-retaining system.

Advantages of Soil Nails

Generally, soil nails are typically less destructive to the construction site because less materials are needed, and installation is relatively quick compared to the other methods.

Our staff ensures that our customers are able to take advantage of the most economical solutions available. Our Louisville soil nailing service method provides you with of a number of unique benefits that include:

  • Fewer wall-facing requirements
  • Fewer right-of-way requirements due to nail size
  • Less impact made on surrounding buildings due to fewer vibrations
  • Able to be installed more quickly than other earth retention methods
  • Walls can be established easily in remote areas
  • Smaller equipment requirements for construction
  • System flexibility makes nailing method a good solution in the event of seismic
  • events that could alter your structure

If you think soil nails are the right option for your business, contact our Louisville retaining wall repair professionals today for a free estimate.