Concrete Repair for Pool Decks from United Dynamics, Inc. 

Your concrete pool deck is the last place you want there to be settled or heaved concrete. When it comes to pools, you want only the safest of places for your family and guests. Uneven concrete surfaces are a hazard that can be easily tripped on, so turn to United Dynamics, Inc. for all of your concrete leveling needs in Louisville. If it’s just a crack in the slab, concrete repair can keep it from getting worse and restore the beauty and function of your pool deck. 

Why is my pool deck cracking?

You may find yourself in need of a pool deck repair at your Louisville home for the same reasons as any other type of concrete repair - shifting soils. Whether it is from the soil expanding and then shrinking away due to changes in moisture or even animals burrowing beneath the concrete slab and removing soil that way, voids are formed beneath the heavy concrete slabs. Without sturdy soil to support the weight, concrete slabs crumble and break into the void or sink entirely, leaving protruding edges in the areas where the concrete is still supported. That’s why our concrete repair solutions address the problem at its source - the soil. 

Pool deck repair options

If you are reside in Louisville and are ready for pool deck repair, we have the solutions you need to permanently address cracked and dangerous concrete. When it comes to concrete repair or concrete leveling, we have found a couple of ways to address the problem that can work together or alone depending upon your specific needs. One of the most effective and least disruptive ways of performing concrete leveling is with a poly foam injection known as pressure grouting. Tiny holes are drilled into the broken concrete slab and then a unique poly foam that is powerful but light. This material fills the void beneath the concrete and expands to lift the slab back into place. The nature of the foam keeps the concrete firmly in place - permanently! If we find your soil situation calls for it, helical piers are another great option. These slender steel piers can be driven deep into the bedrock beneath the area, transferring the weight of the concrete off of the weaker soils and onto the sturdy load-bearing strata that lies deep beneath. 

How much does it cost to replace a pool deck?

It can cost thousands of dollars to completely replace a concrete pool deck. The pool deck replacement process is going to take a lot of time and will create a huge mess that will keep you from being able to enjoy your pool. The worst part about forging ahead with a full replacement is it fails to address the underlying problem that caused the concrete to fail in the first place. We believe there is a better way! Our pool deck repair in Louisville can be done for a fraction of the cost of replacement, plus it can be done quickly and doesn’t leave a trace. 

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