Causes of a Leaky Basement in Louisville

There are many things that can lead to basement leaks, which can cause damage to the foundation of your home. Improper drainage around your foundation may cause accumulation of water in the window wells, which leads to water seeping through small seams. If the basement windows are not properly sealed, water is then able to get into your basement. If your home is located at the bottom of a hill or sloped ground, rainwater will naturally collect around the foundation. Other causes of improper drainage are drainage systems like gutters or downspouts that may be pointing toward your home or landscaping that is sloped toward the foundation. Our basement waterproofing company in Louisville can help keep your home safe and dry.

Cracks in the foundation walls or floor are other causes that make it easy for excess moisture from the soil to escape into your basement, especially during times of high rains. And hydrostatic pressure, which is pressure from too much water collecting in the soil around your home, can force water through unsealed cracks and seams in the foundation, even the smallest hairline cracks. Poor soil conditions can also cause the foundation to shift, settle, or crack. This includes large trees or shrubs that are planted close to your home, with roots removing moisture from the soil, potentially causing your foundation to settle. Excess moisture can also come from interior sources, like pipes or sewer lines, humidifiers, unvented clothes dryers, or bathrooms. To fix your leaking basement in the Louisville area, be sure to call our team.

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If you notice signs of excess moisture or even water in your home, you’ll want to call our basement waterproofing company in Louisville right away. Our basement leak repair and waterproofing specialists can expertly diagnose and restore your home with basement drainage system solutions. Whether your home has a finished basement with usable living space, or if it is used to store important items, you’ll want to waterproof your basement to protect your belongings and to prevent structural damage from occurring. With your safety in mind, our Louisville basement waterproofing company’s number-one goal is to ensure you and your family are protected.