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Patrick Lockhart started at United Dynamics, Inc. as a crew technician in 1995 learning the family business from the ground up. He went from assisting on our simplest wall crack jobs, to mastering basement waterproofing, wall stabilization, and ultimately foundation underpinning jobs as project manager. Armed with a complete understanding of our systems and the unique ability to diagnose, plan, and explain repairs, he ultimately made his way to Sales Representative. Now as Vice President of Sales, Patrick’s knowledge allows him to oversee and assist the other representatives to diagnose structural issues and repair plans, as well as bidding, job costing, and proper material selection and installation. His honest and upfront approach have led many realtors, home inspectors, builders, engineers, and other industry professionals to use him and United Dynamics exclusively when dealing with structural and waterproofing problems. His many residential customers praise him for his attention to detail, honest assessment of the issues, economical and effective repair method recommendations, and thorough explanations of the entire process. He also sets realistic goals and expectations to ensure the satisfaction of our customers remains our top priority, just as Sam set out to do. Patrick works closely with our talented project managers and technicians to solve problems and find new materials, tools, and procedures to increase production levels, quality of work, and ensure customer satisfaction through unexpected and costly repairs. He also oversees the shop personnel, machine shop, and mechanics to keep our many tools, trucks, and equipment in good working order and to make certain materials are ready and available when needed. You may spot Patrick on the road with his kayak chasing big bass at the nearest fishing hole, or on a golf course chasing a little white ball hoping to sink it in the nearest hole. He and his wife, Jennifer, were married in May of 2017 and enjoy attending concerts, camping, kayaking, spending days by the pool and nights by the fire with friends and family.