We would like to take this time to highlight a special part of the United Dynamics team. Ashlea Clark is our Office Manager and for the past seven years we have been fortunate to have her as a member of our team. If you have ever called into the office, there is a good chance you have interacted with her. When Ashlea was hired, she brought with her a background in accounting and finance that serves her well. As Office Manager, Ashlea has many roles within our company. She processes our contracts and payments, handles reports, answers the phone, and much more. She is also willing and able to step up and fill in for others when they are out of the office. She is the de facto of company swag, handing out uniforms, shirts, and hoodies. Four words that easily define Ashlea are dependable (in seven years she has only had one absence), helpful, easy going, and accurate. She does so much more for our team and several things have probably been left out. You can tell she enjoys her job and she also enjoys cooking, often bringing in treats if we have been good.

Ashlea comes from a large family, which helped acclimate her to working well with others. She is from Salem, Indiana and is often up and down the road keeping up with her daughter’s busy schedule. She enjoys traveling with her husband and daughter, especially to the beach. In the summertime, after 3 on a Friday, she is probably heading to the lake to do some boating and tanning. Ashlea truly is an integral part of our team and we are blessed to have her working alongside us. We hope she enjoys reading this short bio, maybe she will bring us some treats.