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Without a strong foundation, your home’s structure is compromised. At United Dynamics, we have worked with thousands of homes, performing expert foundation repair. Our New Albany, IN foundation restoration and repair contractors  are here to ensure that your home is safe for you and your family. 


Soil around the house shifts constantly, which is why it is the cause for many foundation problems. If the soil changes, it can cause the foundation to settle, crack, and shift. 

Soil Conditions

Since most areas of the country experience seasonal changes in weather, from wet to dry, soil is often impacted, leading to problems under the house. Foundation issues are common, especially in areas with expansive clay soils. As the soil absorbs water and then dries, the foundation settles and can even begin to crack.  


Depending on the type of weather, soil can contract and expand severely, resulting in foundation problems including settling, cracking, and sinking. 

Drainage Issues

Another common cause of foundation problems is poor drainage, due to the lack of proper gutter systems and downspouts. Proper drainage directs water away from the home, and when not in place, can result in foundation problems.  


For homes with a lot of nearby trees and shrubs, they can experience similar foundation issues as the plant life leeches water out of the soil—leading to drier soil. Dry soil can lead to foundation settlement, which can seriously impact the safety of your home. 

Not Sure if You Need Foundation Repair?

Know the Symptoms

There are several signs that your home is experiencing foundation issues, and the sooner they are found, the less money it will cost to fix them. 

Common signs that might indicate the need for foundation repair include:

  • Windows and doors sticking
  • Roof or basement leaking
  • Bricks or walls cracking
  • Walls bowing, bulging or leaning
  • Drywall separating
  • Stair-step cracks in masonry mortar joints
  • Space between wall baseboard and floors
  • Chimneys tilting or leaning
  • Garage leaning
  • Caulking tearing at windows or doors

Often these symptoms are caused by soil erosion and improper drainage. 

Rely On Us For a Solution

Our team of New Albany, IN foundation restoration contractors utilize two types of hydraulic pier systems to repair foundation problems, and actively works to prevent future issues. These methods include the resistance pier system and the helical pier system. Depending on your home’s unique needs, our experienced team will recommend which solution is best for you and will be the least invasive to your yard’s landscaping. 

Quality Foundation Repair Contractors Since 1989

Our team of New Albany, IN foundation repair contractors have worked in the industry for decades, and we are ready to tackle your foundation issue, no matter how big or small it is. We know how critical the safety of your home’s foundation is, which is why we work to ensure that it is strong and ready to handle the needs of your home.  

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United Dynamics provides superior service, built upon precision and attention to detail. Our New Albany, IN foundation restoration and repair contractors will work to restore your home’s foundation, so that you and your family can enjoy it for years to come.