Floor Leveling Contractors in New Albany

Since 1989, United Dynamics has been the go-to floor leveling contractor in New Albany. We’re experts in repairing floors that suffer from foundation settlement, often caused by soil issues and other structural challenges. We'll fix your uneven floors in New Albany, ensuring your flooring is safe and even once again.

Uneven Floors Are More Than Just an Eyesore!

  • Tripping Hazards: The presence of irregular surfaces within your home or business can pose a serious risk for accidents.
  • Property Damage: Distorted flooring may inflict harm on appliances, furniture, and structural components of your home.
  • Decreased Property Value: Potential buyers may view uneven flooring as a warning sign, which could affect the ease of sale or the total assessment value of your property.
  • Difficulty Opening/Closing Doors and Windows: The misalignment caused by irregular floors can exert pressure on doors and windows, causing them to jam or even break.
  • Cracks in Walls and Ceilings: When the foundation is affected by uneven floors, it can result in stress being applied to walls and ceilings, causing them to crack.
  • Underlying Issues: Often, irregular floors are an indication of more severe foundational issues that require professional intervention.

Our Uneven Flooring Repair Services in New Albany

We specialize in repairing uneven floors, damaged concrete, and foundation problems. We provide solid warranties and upfront pricing on all our uneven floor repair services in New Albany:

  • Slab Lifting: As the premier floor leveling contractor in New Albany, we specialize in fixing houses with sunken concrete using state-of-the-art foundation repair. Polyurea injections utilize a strong material that expands to fill voids and stabilize the concrete. This process not only lifts the concrete back to its original position but also ensures concrete stabilization for a safer, more secure home.
  • Piering: We can help with settling foundations in New Albany by installing steel piers deep into the ground. This method gives strong deep soil support and stops the foundation from sinking further. Our foundation stabilization technique can also lift buildings back to where they should be, keeping everything safe and steady.
  • Concrete Leveling: United Dynamics specializes in concrete leveling in New Albany, offering solutions like polyjacking to fill voids and for precision lifting of uneven concrete surfaces. Our team is dedicated to smoothing out those troublesome areas, ensuring safety, and improving appearance through effective lifting techniques.
  • Column Posts: One of the most effective ways to repair a sinking floor is with column post installation. When wood joists begin to deteriorate or over-span, column posts are placed beneath beams or girders to add support. These posts are effective in stabilizing and lifting uneven flooring.

Choose the Best Floor Leveling Contractors in New Albany

We're ready to help you with your uneven flooring repair in New Albany! Our floor leveling contractors have the experience and expertise to perform efficient repairs. Plus, we always stand by our work with a solid warranty, giving you peace of mind. Worried about costs? Don't be! We offer home repair financing options in New Albany to make it easy for you, and getting started is a breeze with our free estimate. At United Dynamics, we want to ensure you're happy with our services from start to finish.

Free Floor Leveling Inspection and Quote

When you notice uneven floors causing safety concerns or suspect foundation problems, it's crucial to address them promptly. As a leading foundation contractor in New Albany, we specialize in floor leveling, foundation repair, and concrete stabilization, and we won’t quit until we can ensure your home is safe and level again. Reach out to United Dynamics for a free consultation and project estimate. We're ready to help put your home back on solid ground!