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Concrete Repair Solutions You Can Trust

If you have cracked or unsightly concrete, turn to the experienced team of New Albany, IN concrete leveling contractors at United Dynamics.

Concrete Repair for Crumbling and Cracked Slabs

Our team has decades of experience repairing concrete of all types, including patios, driveways, pool decks, sidewalks, and more. Cracked or damaged concrete can result in injury to your family or guests, so it is important to contact an experienced concrete company for expert service and repair. The longer concrete goes unrepaired, the more costly it can be, so contact us today. 

Our Concrete Repair Options

Our knowledgeable New Albany concrete leveling contractors can diagnose your concrete issue and provide a solution, depending on what caused the issue in the first place. If you have a buckling driveway, we may recommend helical piers, while we would recommend pressure grouting for a heaving sidewalk. Regardless of the situation, one of our trained professionals will make a recommendation that best suits your needs. 

What Causes Concrete Damage?

Generally, concrete issues stem from water erosion or unsupportive soil underneath the concrete slab. Heavy amounts of rainfall or snow, as well as plumbing leaks can all disrupt the health of the soil. Weakened soil allows the concrete slab to sink and crack, causing unsightly damage. Overgrown tree roots can also cause issues with the health of your concrete. If you notice any cracked portions of your concrete or unevenness, contact us today for concrete repair. 

Strong and Reliable Solutions: Our Concrete Repair Options

Our repair specialists will carefully walk you through each repair option and cost, so that you can find the best solution for concrete repair for your New Albany home. 

Concrete Leveling

To raise uneven concrete back to its former glory, we may recommend pressure grouting. This process involves drilling holes into the concrete slab and filling them with grout, or poly foam material, to lift the slab back to an even level. 

Helical Piers

Helical piers can also be used in conjunction with pressure grouting to provide additional support. Our New Albany, IN helical piers are driven through the weakened soil until it is able to bear the load, and then the concrete is bolted back to its original position. 

A Team You Can Count On

The structure of your home is vital to ensure the security of your family, and United Dynamics is here to ensure the health and strength of your concrete slabs. Our New Albany, IN concrete leveling contractors and helical pier specialists have over two decades of experience, and we will provide real solutions to repair any concrete issues you have. Contact us today for your no obligation quote. 

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