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At United Dynamics, we pride ourselves on not only serving residential homes in the area, but also providing our foundation repair services to commercial buildings in New Albany. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to keep your building strong for years to come.

Have a Solid Commercial Foundation From the Bottom Up

Our expert team ensures that we do everything we can to keep your commercial building protected. Many different elements can decrease the strength of your commercial structure’s foundation, such as a change in usage, deterioration or other natural occurrences. With our commercial foundation repair services offered in New Albany, our team goes the extra mile to keep a solid foundation for your building. Our skilled professionals can get to the root of almost any issue and make the necessary repairs, whether you are dealing with cracks in your foundation, leaks, or sticking windows and doors.

Our Louisville Commercial Foundation Repair Services

Soil Nails

Soil nailing can provide extra support to the surrounding soil during construction. They are customarily used in areas where landslides are an issue or soil slope failure is apparent. Soil nails allow an increase in load capacity of the soil where your commercial structure is being built, and therefore your building becomes safer against any hazards. The benefit of soil nails over other earth retention tools is that the material required is reduced, they are less destructive, and they do not take as much time to install.

Foundation Underpinning

With an increasing amount of  time passing, commercial foundations can become compromised by excess moisture, large load capacity requirements, settlement, and more. Underpinning is used to restore the stability and strength to damaged foundations. Many external factors cause your foundation to diminish the amount of load capabilities it can safely hold. Luckily, our team of experts in New Albany will utilize foundation underpinning and deep elements to stabilize both your soil and your foundation.


Micropiles are a go-to foundation repair and construction method because they can be used in areas with low access, adjacent structures, and obstructions. They can also be installed fast and utilized in almost any kind of soil. Micropiles are one of many deep foundation elements used to stabilize a foundation, underpin, and provide support to the structure. 

Protect Your Bottom Line with Commercial Foundation Repair

Steer clear of expensive repairs for your commercial building with United Dynamics. We offer a variety of commercial foundation repair services in New Albany including soil nails, underpinning, and micropiles. Our team can provide a no-obligation estimate, flexible scheduling and we extend a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of our clients!