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A strong foundation is what allows your home’s structure to last for years to come. This is where we step in. Our expert contractors at United Dynamics have diagnosed and reinstated thousands of homes, offering stabilization systems and basement wall repair in New Albany.


Recognizing the symptoms early could prevent the crucial issue from getting any worse, as well as save you costs down the road. The common symptoms to look out for if your New Albany home needs a basement wall repair include:

  • Windows and doors sticking
  • Roof or basement leaking
  • Bricks or walls cracking
  • Walls bowing, bulging or leaning
  • Drywall separating
  • Stair step cracks in masonry mortar joints
  • Space between wall baseboard and floors
  • Chimneys tilting or leaning
  • Garage leaning
  • Caulking tearing at windows or doors
  • Water or soil intrusion


Our team in New Albany uses lateral wall stabilization systems that will repair the foundation problem, while also preventing future movements from occurring.

  • The Abe Jack System used by United Dynamics utilizes steel l beams and bracing to prevent wall deformation. They are able to resist lateral forces, allowing the wall to be realigned near its original position.
  • A Helical Tieback System may also be used to get the same result. However, it is driven into the soil with a sizable rotating bit, and will secure the wall by locking the tieback into place. 
  • There may be some areas where the Helical Tiebacks or Abe Jack System will not be applicable, in this case we may use a Carbon Fiber System to reach the same result.

The experts at United Dynamics can provide your New Albany home with basement wall repair and stabilization systems. We will come in and recognize which of the three systems will perform best for your house, completing the job with minimal disturbance to your property and daily life.


Our skilled crew of basement wall repair specialists in New Albany holds the experience to replenish the stability of your home, with the goal to keep your family safe for years to come. United Dynamics understands that your home is a sanctuary where you live and make memories, so we will get the job done right by giving your home the best foundation possible.

Let our team protect your home with our basement wall repair services and stabilization systems offered in the New Albany area. Contact us today.