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Our team at United Dynamics are foundation crack repair experts servicing New Albany and the surrounding area. It is impossible to repair more than 17,000 foundations without knowing a little bit about the root cause of foundation issues. United Dynamics believes in going above and beyond to ensure homeowners are well informed and protected. Our team is able to quickly spot damage so you can get your home's foundation repaired if needed. We offer free inspections for the New Albany community and surrounding area! 

SIGNS of Foundation Damage?

Extensive foundation damage can cause significant damage to a home without it collapsing. On the one hand, the structure is still safe but it can also indicate that damage could be occurring right under your nose without you being aware. There are signs that can be used to tell you if your New Albany home’s foundation needs to be inspected:


  • Caulking around windows and doors are torn or ripped
  • A leaning garage
  • Chimneys that tilting or leaning
  • Gaps between baseboards and floors
  • Cracks in mortar joints of masonry mortar are significant
  • Drywall separation
  • Walls that bend, bulge, or lean
  • Cracking bricks and/or walls
  • Leakage in the basement or roof

You can count on our foundation crack repair experts to fix your New Albany home’s foundation!

Sticking doors and windows

Knowing what to look out for and regularly checking your home for these symptoms will help you catch foundation problems before they become more serious and dangerous.


Poor soil conditions are the root cause of almost all foundation problems faced by Americans. Back-filled soil is less strong than soil that has been left unaltered. This is combined with the fact that the majority of soil in the U.S. are expansive soils, which can cause serious foundation problems. Your home can suffer from differential settlement, which can cause structural damage and may require a New Albany foundation crack repair.


Hydrostatic pressure refers to the pressure that builds up when soil is too saturated with water. Water seeks to escape any way it can. It presses against foundation walls, eventually leading to cracking, leakage, and even a collapse. Your entire structure is at risk. This problem can be compounded because soil shrinks in volume after drying, which leaves foundation walls unsupported.


If you notice signs of foundation damage in your home contact us right away! Our New Albany foundation crack repair services will not disappoint you! We can help you determine if our foundation repair services are needed. Call us today for your free inspection regarding your New Albany home’s foundation.