Spring is here. You know how I can tell? The silent blood sucking creatures have attacked, and although it is tax time, I do not mean the I.R.S. That's right, I was attacked today right below my right ear lobe. The dreaded mosquito has awoken from it's winter slumber looking for it's first meal of the year. I myself must have primo mosquito blood, they ravage me every year. Why is it that some of us are more prone to their surprise ambush then others? I have considered a daily consumption of garlic to keep the evil ones at bay. It never fails, they will often strike at the most in opportune time or the strangest places. My left cheek, my eyelid, upper lip, the list continues. Walking into a meeting with blotches and swollen areas is very disconcerting to me as well the individuals I am meeting with. The bites at the top of your sock or the ones at the waistline are the worst. The incessant itching goes on for hours and just when you thought the sensations had passed, wham another itch causing a twitch or jerk. The mosquitoes will soon be followed by their evil counterparts, the chiggers. Chiggers are horrendous. No amount of your mother's magenta fingernail polish can provide relief from the itching that is associated with springtime.associated with springtime